Planet Mercury


  • Keith


    Born and raised in Southampton County, VA. Keith has been into art as long as he can remember. He was always into tattoos as a kid and heavy metal band.  He has been tattooing since January 2010 and mostly learned by trial and error.  His tattooing style tends to lend itself mostly to black /grey and realism, but he also really enjoy doing watercolor style color pieces and color realism.

  • Scar’d By Scrap


    Born on the West Coast but raised on the East Coast mostly in Newport News, Maxwell Sr is well rounded in people skills and in his approach with his art. Aiming to be remembered and respected in the art community, among his peers, and others. He is a Family first type of individual so integrity and excellence within means are most important at all times. Specializing in all styles of tattooing but style would mainly influence and described as American traditionalism. You can catch him at Planet Mercury Tattoo Studio in Hampton Virginia.

  • John


    Long long ago a young boy named John Fauls was left all alone deep in the forest. He was raised by wolves until his teenage years and moved to the city where he discovered the art of body piercing. He loved it. And now over a decade later, he still howls at the moon and has perfected his skills and is now at Planet Mercury waiting to do your next piercing.